Trade your favorite altcoinson Solana

Speculate on your favorite ethereum shitcoins leveraging HXRO Network's derivatives infrastructure.

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(Margin-based At-the-curve derivatives)
Liquid, Margin-based trading
Deposit margin and start trading.
No liquidity or Settlement Risk
Leverage at-the-money futures to manage risks effectively.
Daily Statement
A strategic design choice to settle all contracts every day
Cash Settled
Every ZDF settles to USDC every 25 hours.
Perpetuals, on steroids.
Get perpetuals-like trading experience, with advanced capabilities
Deposit margin and start trading
Deposit margin and take undercollateralized directional positions
No settlement risk
Guaranteed settlement eliminates any settlement risk.
Ability to express your risk preferences
he ability to settle or roll over blends perfectly with the risk choices of a market maker.
Provide liquidity to the long tail of assets
Join the game by providing liquidity to shitcoins.
You manage your risks, notthe other way round.
Get perpetuals-like trading experience, with advanced capabilities
Leverage the liquidity of at-the-money futures.
Manage risk effectively by providing liquidity to at-the-curve futures.
No Funding Rate!
Tired of getting arb'ed by the funding rate, fear not, we've yeeted it for you!
No liquidity risk
The contract's design inherently incentivizes liquidity, so you can trade without getting slippged.
No bridging required
We've eliminated the need of bridges, as all contracts settle in cash.